What’s For Lunch? : A cooking guide for parents

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My Plate reminds us that half the plate should be filled with vegetables and fruits. Find different ways to add vegetables to lunch. It can be served over brown rice, part of a sandwich or side salad. Really any way that your child likes!

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Vegetable Food Group - make half of the plate filled vegetables and fruit. Fruit Food Group - color the plate with different colored fruits and vegetables. Nourish Interactive is a free interactive website available in English and Spanish. Visit www. Free Signup!

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Follow Us. Please login to rate. Inspire me. Try this twist on a Sunday roast, with steak, potatoes, veg and gravy served in a giant Yorkshire pudding.

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Prep ahead and make Sunday lunch in no time. Bake our indulgently boozy chocolate puddings with just five ingredients. Perfect for a dinner party if you're celebrating on St Patrick's Day — or at any time of year Enhance the flavour of roast lamb with herbs and garlic, or you could try slices of anchovy, slivers of chilli or nuggets of feta pushed into the slits.

Let the oven do the hard work with this slow cooked beef brisket, glazed with bourbon and honey. Leftovers make a great hash the next day.

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Dad'll love these, make them really chocolatey or put his favourite sweet or nut on top - the perfect treat! This oven-roasted chicken can also be spatchcocked and barbecued. If you don't like it too hot, adjust the amount of chillies in the piri-piri marinade Transform your desserts with a drizzle of golden nectar.

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Top this honeyed cheesecake with honey-roasted apricots or swap with any soft fruit or rhubarb. Set yourself up for the day with a filling breakfast bap that features sausages, chips, bacon, beans and an egg to give you a big energy boost. Edd Kimber gives us an irresistible new take on the seventies classic. This stunning upside-down cake makes a great cooking project for teen cooks.

Just serve a new fruit or veggie with their dinner to make up for it! I use whole-grain pasta bowtie or pinwheel with tomatoes roasted with crushed garlic fresh or canned ; chicken shredded or cubed, which I cook in bulk and freeze in individual portions ; and pre-washed baby spinach, which I quickly wilt in the microwave kids like it more than grown-up spinach. Then I add a little lemon juice and olive oil, which makes everything taste better, and toss it all together.

She prepares them the night before school using organic tortillas, diced pre-cooked spicy chicken and a cheese blend. After cooking on a frying pan, we cut them into triangles and keep in the fridge overnight. They are often asked to trade with friends who want to eat them. Spread mashed black beans with a bit of lemon juice on a whole grain tortilla, sprinkle shredded mozzarella cheese, and roll into a tight log.

Cut slices just like sushi. Add in orange sunshine. Peel an orange and slice them into thick circles. Veggies would be edamame or sugar snap peas. We microwaved the chopped apple, then chilled in the fridge. We grow cucumbers well into late fall so we add those in too. It was always a hit! Some of their favorite combos are: cubes of chicken, grape tomatoes and cucumbers on a skewer, with whole grain crackers and fruit; a turkey or cheese sandwich with lettuce and tomato on whole grain, and fruit; and quinoa and bean salad with string cheese, carrots, peppers and fruit.

Lunch is usually one of the following with a side of fruit and vegetable: bean and rice burrito, veggie dumplings tofu and cabbage , soup with a side of fruit, spinach and cheese tortellini with a nut-free sauce the school has a strong nut policy , homemade salmon salad with carrots and celery topped with tzatziki on a whole wheat English muffin, or a spinach and potato patty inside of a whole wheat English muffin.