Unity Gods Blueprint for the Church

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All the believers were together and had everything in common. They sold property and possessions to give to anyone who had need. Every day they continued to meet in the temple courts. This is the same reason why our gatherings and church organizations of today cannot or do not survive the flood of sin, false prophets and all kinds of ungodly practices; because we have built for ourselves structures that clearly deviate from how God wants a church to be, look and feel like.

Toward a Biblical Theology of Unity, Diversity, and Community

We have come up with our man-made ideas of worship, filling the house of God with what conforms with music that is no different the worlds, praising God with our lips meanwhile our hearts bow down to the gods of this world. We have been captured and confused by weird spirits yet categorized our madness under the action of the Holy Spirit filling.

What Is the Blueprint of Christ's Church

There is no space for God in our midst! If we want to see the glory and power of the lord fill the temple, if we want to experience the filling of the Holy Ghost once again, if we want God to add unto us those who newly believe, then we must build his temple according to His blueprint! This is a word from the lord to all those who lead church organizations.

If you are a pastor the lord is saying this to you:. You are commenting using your WordPress.

God's Blueprint for His Church - Great Big Life Publishing

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Skip to content Home About Zee L. Search for:. In this introductory class, my hope is to give you some idea of why we as Christians need a class like this in the first place. To put it simply, we need this class because two things are true:. First, God calls Christians to gather together in local churches to worship him and to reflect his glorious character to the world.

Second, we are still sinners.

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The million dollar question is, how do these two statements work together? God calls us to glorify him by living together in local churches? How can a still sinful people reflect God? But God still calls us today—the very imperfect people who compose his Church—to the task of displaying the glory of his perfect character.

The question of how that can happen in the church is the focus of this class. In particular, our goal is to understand the opportunities and responsibilities we all have as church members. How can we, as sinful and selfish people, gather together, not with the forced unity that denies differences, overlooks difficulty, or compromises the message of the gospel, but with unity that preserves the message of the gospel and acts as a compelling testimony to its value? How can we respond to sin in our midst without descending to gossip and slander?

How can we trust our leaders but still recognize that they are sinners, too?


How can we love people who make us feel uncomfortable because they are so different from us? How can we honestly critique an imperfect church without grumbling?

Churches far too often become places of division, complaints, and unhappy people. Therefore they fail to display to the watching world the power of the gospel that should be at work within them. Our goal for this class is to explore a practical blueprint of what makes a church healthy. What makes it a community where sound doctrine expresses itself in love that glorifies God?

God’s Blueprint for His Church

My prayer is that you will leave this class with a better understanding of what the Bible says about being a healthy church, and also with some clear ideas of what you can do to help build a healthy church. More specifically, why is it important to God? First, the unity of the church is central to the message of the gospel.

Through the blood of Christ we are reconciled with God and we are reconciled with one another.