Transboundary Risk Governance (Earthscan Risk in Society)

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Transboundary Risk Management.

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Environmental hazards do not respect international boundaries. In this volume, distinguished international researchers make a significant contribution to the understanding and management of transboundary environmental risks. The transboundary risk topics addressed highlight the key political, economic, social and cultural issues of our times, such as how transboundary risks are constructed, how they are communicated within and between countries, how the authorities can build trust in political management processes, and what forms of democratic risk management institutions are appropriate.

Ragnar E. Löfstedt

Useful practical lessons on the management of transboundary risk at the national and international levels are drawn from the case studies. Submit an article Journal homepage.

Earthscan Risk in Society

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Corporate Risk Management: A Primer (FRM Part 1 – Book 1 – Chapter 2)

Article Purchase - Online Checkout. This view considers resilience as a transboundary and trans-scalar dynamic process facilitating resource transfer and unveils its spatial dimension as well as its ethical and normative aspects. These assumptions are empirically confirmed in a range of water scarcity and drought problems, which are the following: a cities relying on water transfer from distant river basins; b agricultural populations and holdings facing drought and relying on a shared aquifer; and c arid islands.

Transboundary Risk Governance : Rolf Lidskog :

Whether this type of resilience is valid in other SES cases and other types of risk, is a matter of future research. No potential conflict of interest was reported by the authors.

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