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As it lunges upward from one end anchored to the pavement, the thrusting planes and curving sections burst into a great bloom of energy. Held together by welds and wire, the sculpture is clearly under tension, miraculously cantilevered above the heads of viewers. Airplane parts seem natural in the air.

His compositions are pieced together so that the parts fit, as he has said, like a handshake. Rubins will have none of this feminine obedience. Her unruly mechanical components are lassoed together, just barely restraining their vigorous ascent. Rubins began using experimental materials as a student at The Maryland Institute, College of Art, where she worked with unfired clay and slip.

She turned to concrete for a series of thin, freestanding walls, inspired by a California earthquake in An even larger sculpture utilized three trees as a sort of pedestal for four trailers, refrigerators, water heaters, and sundry other furnishings in a temporary outdoor exhibition in Pittsburgh. Unfussy and expansive, a new, broad scale results from the size of the components. Whether perched or soaring, they seem—and often are—impermanent, joined together for a brief demonstration of levitation. Many of her pieces have been disassembled and stored for reconstruction or other uses.

When she retrieved the appliances years later, she was astonished to discover that he had cleaned and sorted them all. Augmented by the historical traces of factory, sky, junkyard, and art world, it may yet gesture heavenward with renewed aeronautical agility. Tech culture.

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Download the new Indpendent Premium app Sharing the full story, not just the headlines Download now. Shape Created with Sketch. Plane brightens skies with beautiful rainbow trail Show all 7. A passenger plane is pictured brightening the skies over Germany as it leaves behind a rainbow-coloured trail. The trail is an aerodynamic contrail - or condensation trail - as opposed to the more common jet contrails that are formed of exhaust fumes.

Aerodynamic contrails occur when a plane lowers the air pressure as it flies, in turn lowering the air temperature and causing condensation to form on the wings. In humid conditions, the drop in temperature and pressure is such that the droplets of condensation will freeze at varying sizes. When the sunlight shines through these different sized droplets, it will refract at different wavelengths, hence the variety of colours that can be seen. Photographer Nick Beyersdorf captured the phenomenon from the ground in Bamberg, Germany.

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What if you fell out of an airplane without a parachute?

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