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Miss Valesque, she started again in a more controlled tone as she got back to the reason for the meeting, what progress report have you brought me? Umm…first off , Valesque restarted after tapping up the file she had made earlier, the main power supply is still charging. Sanic and I restarted it yesterday, the laser and solar absorption panels are operating at peak performance. But…it will still take another six days before we can use the main storage cells for even a very low engine pulse.

Fairbanks scowled a bit; the experimental power source on this ship was one of the many exasperating things she had to deal with. It seemed the ship was supposed to run on a mere laser that was refracted inside of a large sphere, which was lined with light absorption panels. However, so far, it did not seem to be a very promising invention, the entire system drained during the space jumps and now they had only backup power until the batteries recharged enough to run the engines.

The Captain let out a tired sigh as she again ran a hand over her slick red hair, while listening to the rest of the details. The Biohazard detox program that was run in order to drive the Pirates away, took up a sizable chunk of our emergency power. We have approximately…ten days left at our current rate of consumption.

If we don't have any more unforeseen drains we should be right on schedule for the main power to come back online before we have to get too desperate. About half of the cleaning bots and a quarter of the construction bots were destroyed by the invaders.

We started the salvageable ones on repairing each other, and we are using the inoperable bots for parts , she informed her on the next subject.

The doorways, walls, ceilings and so forth that the invaders also damaged are being worked on by some of the uninjured construction robots. It will keep anything else from being sucked out of the ship, but it would be better if we can find a replacement somewhere as soon as possible. Especially if we do another warp jump, it might be a little too fragile to survive that , the girl warned with a serious look on her pale Virrilian face.

Captain Fairbanks walked slowly back across the room to her glossy, smooth topped desk where she deposited the tape dispenser. She then looked out the large outer facing windows behind the desk, where she had been meditating earlier, as the Engineer rattled on. Her attention span was much too short to tolerate the lengthy account the Scientist was giving her, she took it as long as she could before she had to break in. Have the shields been finished at least? Yes, Tim and Sanic worked on the two main emitters all night. They had some bots help install and activate them just before lunch , came the encouraging reply.

Not to my knowledge. I believe they are functioning perfectly. Fairbanks seemed to give the girl a skeptical, slit eyed, stare before turning back to the windows. Then why is there some sort of distorting haze around the ship? There seems to be a strange, wavy flux that is causing the stars to look rather queasy. Valesque walked over to the room-length window in order to see for herself what the Captain was referring to. It's normal with this shield configuration for things to appear slightly blurry. It will not affect sensors, however, as it can be digitally removed when shown on the monitors , Valesque assured her confidently.

Captain Fairbanks challenged tetchily. It is useless to say, I know, but the standard shield configuration was perfectly sufficient, if you ask me. And did not cause any strange and nauseating distortion fields , she complained. The flux is not that noticeable , she maintained with a growl in her voice, revealing her level of annoyance at the critical assessment of her invention.

It is an extremely slight imposition for the level of protection you are getting. There are four dual-layered shields surrounding this ship, of course there will be a slight haze , the Engineer informed her angrily. But it will not affect the visuals on screen, as I already told you. There is absolutely, positively and utterly nothing wrong with them.

They are perfect , Valesque retorted firmly in her thesaurus way as she narrowed her eyes at the contemptuous Military Captain. She had a habit of saying things in threes when she got irritated. Fairbanks simply pursed her lips in continued displeasure as she stared out the Observation Room window before giving up her argument. It was not going to get her anywhere with the touchy Doctor anyway.

Extermination + Endless Space #11 = Just Passing Through

Speaking of the sensors , she finally replied with a forced evenness. Have we gotten any of those online yet? No , the Virrilian told her directly, still displeased by the last critique.

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I have not been well enough to do much more than inspect the damage and needs of the rest of the ship. Therefore, I've not been able to help in many repairs. So there are no exterior probes or scanners or other sensors installed yet. It would require someone to go outside on the ends of the array arms in order to get any of those things operational", she explained.

Fine , Fairbanks accepted. Since you and Ensign Sanic seem to be the only truly, mechanically, adept crew, you two will go out and expedite their set up. In addition, you can have Lieutenant Baine pilot your Scuttle Craft for the job. Valesque looked at the detached Captain with a slightly dropped jaw; she had apparently not heard a word she had just said about not being fit to do repairs, let alone a space walk type repair. It will take the two of us Especially in my condition , the Engineer tried to argue fruitlessly.

Yet, it would succeed in getting rid of the argumentative Engineer during that time. Good , she said almost happily. Then, do not report back to me until it is completed. That is all , she dismissed, with absolutely no possibility of continuing the conversation. Valesque dawdled slightly in her retreat before realizing any attempt to reason with the hardheaded Captain would be utterly futile and a complete waste of breath.

Allianz Stadium

If she just took her time, she could probably endure the anti-gravity assignment. Besides, it meant she would get out of having another one of these perturbing meetings for at least another three to four days. With this last blissful thought, the sore Engineer left the room with a small, satisfied smile. Up above them the Star Deck was alive with crowded tables of friends enjoying the open dome view on their breaks. Ever since Valesque had released the cover on the transparent ceiling this deck had become a favorite hang out for off duty crewmembers.

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With its low bioluminescent table lamps and breathtaking panoramic view of outer space, the room created both a casual, social atmosphere and a warm, romantic setting at the same time. Among the groups sprinkled about the deck was one small twosome off to themselves within view of the Hydro-lift bays. Almost as soon as Sanic had sat down here to have his lunch break he was joined by Cecil, who had slithered over uninvited upon seeing him.

He wore a simple pocketed vest and a silver collar that lighted in intricate patterns and colors when he talked, but so far, Sanic was the only one who could read the device. He had been assigned to many vessels but no one had ever been able to decipher his translation collar before this.

After that Cecil seemed to have taken a liking to Sanic, which was rare considering he never seemed to think much of anyone other than himself, probably feeling the young Etherian was a co-conspirator with him in his disgust for everyone else. He had been so accustomed to no one being able to understand him that he had gotten in the habit of hissing out whatever biting, insulting remarks that came into his head. Fortunately, for him, Sanic did not repeat his venomous comments when he translated between Cecil and the other crewmembers.


Sanic sat here in view of the Hydro-lift bays hoping for a glimpse of the pretty Virrilian Engineer. Instead, he was joined by the scaly Serpantial, which pretty much put a damper on anyone else wanting to sit with him, since everyone found the snake man to be thoroughly annoying. Let alone could they not understand a word he said, but it seemed as if he was constantly mocking them with his long hissing laugh.

He only hoped he could get rid of Cecil as quickly as possible, so that if his dream girl did show up she would not be put off, and possibly consent to join him for lunch. I thought you hated this Deck. He paused for a moment as he regarded the room again, his small, round eyes slowly panning the groups of happy crewmembers enjoying the ambiance and good company the Star Deck afforded. It isssssss very sssssshowy and tasssstlessss , Cecil reaffirmed haughtily.

His brown scaly skin shined slightly green from the bioluminescent light on the table as he turned his head. But it hasssss the besssst view of the starsssss with the blindssss open , he declared in his defense. Despite its overly welcoming atmosphere, and always being occupied by annoying, clueless humanoids. So this is now your favorite area of the ship although you refuse to admit it?

It is pretty much my favorite place too , he added with a smile. Of course, this ship is so beautiful it is hard to pick a favorite deck. I mean, Delta Deck 3, where my quarters are, is absolutely amazing.


All the housing fronts are different and make it look like a quaint planet side town.