Sister Freaks: Stories of Women Who Gave Up Everything for God

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Not sure if it was a book or a dream. This one has bugged me for a while. I can't remember if it's a dream I had or a great book I read. It was about an alien race who when one of their members did something bad enough the punishment was to take their soul and put it in an alien animal species. The particular criminal it followed was put into a five legged spider type creature and had to try and survive as that species. There are at least three main characters:. A girl and two guys.

Sister Freaks: Stories of Women Who Gave Up Everything for God

The guys are namedl Matt and Kurt I think. I don't remember the girl's name. I think they are older teenagers. The guys are both ski instructors. One of the guys secretly holds a grudge against the other because the one holding the grudge lost his parents to a skiing accident while they were being guided by the father of the other guy. As a result, the one holding the grudge at least tries to kill someone near the end of the book.

Children's book help Submitted by Sandra Bucher not verified on August 8, - am. I read this a long time ago. I believe it was a chapter book, maybe elementary. The only things I remember about it was that the main character was female and it would be a special trip to visit this house with a beautiful garden and there were jewelweed plants in the garden. It might have been a mystery. Periodical article that I think was an overview of a book Submitted by Katie not verified on August 8, - pm. Sometime between and , I stumbled across a magazine article about the birth of the FBI - the very beginning, when the Bureau was still called the Bureau of Investigation, and was run by former PIs and taxmen and otherwise colorful characters.

I distinctly remember reading the article in a magazine - and I used to think it was a Smithsonian magazine, but have since totally failed to track it down - but then, after I put the magazine aside to come back to later, I never could find it again. I also think the article might have been written by an author who had a full length book about the subject, a book which I also searched for and completely failed to find online. Please help me find it! Thank you!

Help me find a copy of an old Literary Cavalcade Submitted by Emmy not verified on August 8, - pm. It was printed like a play. My family used to read it every Christmas with each of us reading the parts. I have searched online but with no luck. I would love to have it again to read with my mom, brothers, sister-in-law, and niece and nephew. Wow, that's specific!! I can help a little Insanely enough, I own that copy. It's the first Dylan Thomas I ever read.

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I remember there's a portrait of him on the cover not the usual black and white photograph but a chalk? While I'm not willing to let go of my copy sorry I can verify that that issue of Literary Cavalcade HAS to be from before probably between and , since my teacher had new copies sitting around when I was in junior high. If you don't end up being super attached to that particular edition, there are a few hardcover printings of just A Child's Christmas In Wales available online. There are some very nice audio recordings as well--Thomas himself reading it, plus Fern Hill and a few others of his poems.

I hope you find what you're looking for! He love her more than his brother loved her. He decide to kidnapped her before she made a big mistake by marring his brother. He tied her on the bed for few days and seduced her. Book about lawns Submitted by Jennifer not verified on August 9, - am. I read a non-fiction book about 20 years ago on why lawns are bad for the environment. I am pretty sure the hardback is white, with a picture of a lawnmower on the cover. Finding it again has been bugging me for years! This is a children book about a guy who is very poor and always hungry, one day he looks into his fridge and sees he only has a jar of mustard.

He then decided to eat a hat that he always wears and puts mustard on it and eats it.

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I Believe by the end of the book he becomes rich somehow. I don't remember his name, but I remember he has a black mustache, an old looking suit, and a black hat that looks like a plate with an M on top. I read it a lot when I was younger, but this was many years ago. Please help me find this book! Dear Librarians: I'm looking for a book that I don't remember the title or author to. It was perhaps when I found it, so that could rule out some later books. It was a children's book, maybe 4th grade up or middle grades?

I would classify it as Fantasy. The cover had a distinctive image on it of one or more evil beings depicted by circular cylindrical scribbles like a small whirlwind. The children in the book unwittingly step into a shifting? Obviously, no adults would take this threat seriously, and the children must deal with it on their own. I believe there's a girl protagonist, and a boy, maybe more than two.

I don't recall whether the kids are related or friends or a combination.

I think the book might be vaguely reminiscent of A Wrinkle in Time, minus the religious aspects. I hope you can help me! It was a good book, which I reread a few times, but even back then, I kept forgetting the title and author and losing track of it. I am looking for a children's book. It was absolutely published before The author's name is at the beginning of the alphabet because I found the book when I was trying to read all of the books in the library and started with the A's.

I thought it might be Mabel Esther Allen, but I can't find enough that have a synopsis to be certain.


The book was written for about years old. A girl, for some reason, has to live with her uncle. There is a male cousin there who is about the same age as she, possibly slightly older. They are probably about years old. They are walking down a staircase toward a painting when they are suddenly in the painting. They have many adventures, not a single one of which I can remember, and then they find themselves back on the staircase and continue walking down.

The book has struck me for a long time because when it ended you still didn't know if it all had really happened. We moved in , and I checked it out in my hometown library, so I know it had to be published before then. My library removed all dust jackets, so I have no details about the cover.

It is not by C. Lewis, which is the suggestion I most often get. Any help would be appreciated!

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Help identifying book of advice from father to son Submitted by Kimi Wei not verified on August 10, - pm. I would like help identifying a book. It was written maybe 30 years ago by a father giving his son a list of what today are referred to as life hacks as the son set off for either college or his first job. One set of advice was to buy the most house he could afford and the least car he could get away with buying — and still meet his needs. I believe the book became a best seller and may have been entitled something like, A Father's list of life tips for my son as he goes off to college.

If you can help me ID it I will be so grateful. I read on Atlas Obscura how ya'll are experts at finding books that people cannot remember the name of. I had a book as a child I think late elementary-early-middle-school-age, I was born in that I loved. I read it over and over and over. I think it might have been a Scholastic book.

It was a novel with no pictures. The plot was centered around a boy who was able to travel instantly to another planet or space station by being uploaded into an android there.