Qual é o Mistério? (Portuguese Edition)

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Vivemos tempos de inquietude. We are glad to present to you the second issue of A right education enables people to develop a broader view. The importance of education is therefore essential. However, what is right education? With insight in their reincarnating part, you are able to teach children in a natural way to think independently.

They grow up to be responsible people, in whom an unselfish objective and a spiritual vision on life are integral parts of their characters.

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We are glad to present you the first issue of Lucifer, the Light-bringer , of This year too, we plan to publish 3 or 4 issues. The first two articles have a direct significance for our understanding of the Theosophy, which was presented in our age by H.

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How timeless is the message of H. And how do you prove Theosophy? And wishes a precise answer? The enormous tensions and violence between various religious sects ask for a theosophical answer.

The last article focuses on the relation between Theosophy and science. A small but growing number of scientists think that electromagnetism is the main organizing force behind the universe. Finkielkraut , Alain, , The Wisdom of Love. Londres, University of Nebraska Press. Rio de Janeiro, Org. Hocart , A. Londres, Methuen. Ingold , Tim, editor, , Key Debates in Anthropology. Londres, Routledge. Rio de Janeiro, Zahar. Paris, Plon.

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Lutz , Catherine, e Lila Abu-Lughod orgs. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press.

Oxford, Blackwell. Needham , Rodney, , Belief, Language and Experience. Lisboa, D. Lisboa, Difel. Lisboa, Fragmentos, Lisboa, Gradiva. Rocha Peixoto , A. Singer , Peter, [], Practical Ethics. For more about eligibility and procedures, please visit: www. Congratulations Dan!! Ticha Penicheiro has discovered a different way to hand out assists now that her playing career is over. Rather than setting up teammates for easy baskets, Penicheiro is guiding the next generation of players in her new career as an agent. At the end of the day, basketball gave me more than I could ever imagine.

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I wanted to see the game evolve and continue to get better. Congratulations Ticha!! Read the article here. The series focuses on publishing new translations and reissuing out of print translations of classic works of literature, poetry, and essay. The series likewise commissions original works of scholarship and advances research in a number of fields. Read more here.

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Buy Your Tickets Now! Gala Weekend Agenda. Friday, October 11, Invitation and Members Attending Gala Only. Saturday, October 12, Citizen's Hotel. Lusitanian Forum. Topic: Encouraging Civic Participation and. Public Service in the Portuguese Community. Hosted by CPAC. Forum p. Annual Leadership Awards Gala. Cocktail Reception: p. Dinner and Awards: p. Elks Tower Casino and Event Center. Sunday, October 13, Carvalho Winery.

Jorge Winery. Bus leaves Citizen's Hotel at a. Returns to Hotel at p. Consul General of Portugal in San Francisco,. What is your background and how did you become a Consul General? I studied sciences and have a degree in Biology and a Masters in Plant Breeding. However, like so many Portuguese, I also felt that the world was a fascinating place that I wanted to discover. In the end, I decided to join the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and this was a decision that I never regretted.

Since then, I lived in different Continents and learned from other cultures. The more I travel, the more I understand the Portuguese nature and the traits that makes us very special and well respected all over the world: tolerance, adaptability, resilience and inventiveness. Tell us a bit about the region you serve - are there a lot of Portuguese? What are some of the big events or celebrations in your community? I live in San Francisco, California. As you know, Portuguese have been living in this State for more than seven generations and are part of American society.

The census identified around thousand people of Portuguese origin in this State, but this number is thought to be much higher. As in other parts of the United States, and in particular in places where the Portuguese came from the Azores, there are Divine Holy Ghost celebrations all over California, which bring the Portuguese Community and all the other Communities together. This year, a new Portuguese Festival in the central valley, in Turlock, was launched.

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As I mentioned, many Americans participate in these events and, in a way, this generous way of sharing our culture and traditions with all other cultures is what makes Portuguese well known and appreciated. The Portuguese, with their outstanding kindness, welcome other Communities into their fold. The Portuguese know how to make friends, they are respected for their innate reliability and competence in all fields, and are considered trustworthy by all. However, we cannot forget that US institutions also celebrate the Portuguese Communities every year.