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All Rights Reserved. Author Website by Monkey C Media. Main menu Skip to primary content. Skip to secondary content. S ea Shepherd Conservation Society - Because what little girl doesn't want to be a pirate? I get asked the above a lot. Often, with a fair amount of cynicism in the tone. Sometimes people ask these questions, and then cross their arms and lean back, like I'm about to try and sell them magic beans. A few times - they've looked at me with pity. I did it because I believe that if you are in a position to do so it is your duty to lend a hand.

Big props to those who did step up and helped me over the years. Everyone can give time. I did not do it because I wanted to write a blog about what a good person I am. Totally debatable.

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But I did do it to create a ripple in the pond. Be the freakin change people. I work other jobs. This is an artistic pursuit. A reason to get off the couch. My hobby.

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My passion. My question to the smirkers is: Why does everything have to be about money? Same deal. I am actually doing the physical volunteer work, many times by myself. I only have two hands. Taking time away to film takes time away from the service project. I try to take some pictures. Think how much time is saved when you never have to recover from a hangover. And then think about what good you could do with that extra time. Again hobby, free time, release. I would not trade what I have learned doing this blog for a full paid 2 years Masters Degree from Oxford.

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I can live the rest of my days happy knowing that. I believe that the good guy should win. Which they do. With very little praise or notice. I also believe: Fracking destroys drinking water. Fur is evil and the people who wear it should learn to read.

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Reading is good. Princess is awesome. Comedy cures most ills. The sky is blue and water should be as well. I like finding new groups and look forward to the challenge. There might be very little fan fare or celebration when I get this done. But it will get done. An actual conversation with my brother:. Brother: I'll come help. As that conversation with my brother the humanitarian would suggest I volunteered with the Los Angeles Rabbits Foundation and the above was one of the nicer conversations I had about the experience.

Would you believe that telling someone your going to volunteer with rabbits it can lead to all out hostility? Well, it can and does. People want to know "Why?

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  • Many went so far as to suggest that perhaps I should spend my time doing something that would "Make a difference. As far as the rabbits, first I would like to point out the obvious - there are domestic and wild rabbits. Domestic rabbits, which humans historically bred for food, clothing, and pets are not exactly built for survival outdoors. Second, rabbits make excellent companion animals - especially for someone who spends time at home and needs a serious chill pill a la graduate students. Third, how dare we breed rabbits or any animal cats, dogs, etc.

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    It is our business now. We bred them for us, and guess what, they're either sitting ducks without us or can really wreck havoc on an environment. Built in our image it would seem. From my day spent sitting in pens see pic and socializing petting the rabbits I learned that bunnies are very sensitive creatures. They mate for life, get depressed if their mate disappears, have tiny panic attacks if lifted off the ground think hawks and eagles , they overheat quickly, generally do not like their underside rubbed, and can have a heart attack if they see a dog.

    That last point is important - owners of dogs and cats should be aware that one bark or snarl from your pet can startle a bunny out of it's senses - please be extra cautious if you see bunnies and outdoor events. For all their sensitivities rabbits are also sweet pets who like to be loved on as this clip of "Pat" the bunny demonstrates. They are individuals who display, like cats and dogs, unique personalities. They are calming creatures, and when you sit with one for awhile you feel a little sense of peace and gratefulness that this small animal let you hang for awhile.


    If you would like to volunteer or learn more about domestic rabbits go to LArabbits. Try to be kind to animals okay - "You can judge the morality of a nation by the way the society treats its animals" - Mahatma Gandhi. Apparently the Japanese public does not know that their consumption of blue fin is a major contributor to the species decline. Read Full Article on Celsias. Animal testing on cosmetics began when the U. Congress passed the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act of in response to manufacturers selling unsafe The U. United States Department of Agriculture is moving toward approving a horsemeat slaughterhouse in New Mexico within the next two months.

    This will be the first time equine meat slaughtered in the US will be offered for human consumption since Horses can be consumed in the US, but not slaughtered here so they have been shipped to Canada and Mexico. Hey guys! I did an interview with this great little start up called Trailer Talks. Check it out here! January 19th, National Day of Service!

    In honor of Martin Luther King Jr.

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    LA organized a citywide cleanup. I picked an event hosted by Friends of Ballona Wetlands. I helped clean up my local bike path, which runs next to Ballona Creek. A little editorialized history for those not local - Ballona Creek use to be part of the Los Angeles River's drainage area. Then someone got the bright idea to wrap it in concrete. To "prevent flooding" and create a massive eye sore - something like that.

    I privately cheer everytime I see a little bush or tree that has pushed up through the concrete.


    I showed up at 10am and had to leave at 12pm. The Friends of Ballona Creek provided me with gloves and trash bags. Cigarette Butts. Stop smoking! Throw your cigarette butts in the trash - it's not hard. Of particular concern are fish species the FDA advises against eating, either because of high mercury content or unpleasant digestive side effects. What kinds of fish were mislabeled? No, we are talking about over 13 different kinds of fish, from some of the finest dining establishments in New York City. Samples were taken at random from groceries both small independents and large chains , restaurants, and sushi bars.

    Americans throw away billion dollars worth of food a year! What if we could re-route that food to the hungry, or starving.