Preserving Chili Peppers

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For this reason, I recommend that you wear food-safe, disposable gloves when handling the chillies. Avoid touching your face or eyes as the active ingredient, capsaicin, can irritate the skin and cause burning. Discard your used gloves and carefully wash your cutting board and knife. Wash the chillies thoroughly in cold water and carefully dry them on a kitchen towel, before slicing them and placing in the vinegar brine. It is important to soak the chillies at least 24 hours.

On occasion, I have left them in the brine for 48 hours without ill effect. The acidic vinegar and the salt are the preserving agents in this recipe. For freshness and to maintain a vivid colour, I prefer to make the batch size as specified. After topping the brined chillies with olive oil, wait for a few minutes. There will be some air pockets and the oil will drain further.

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Top up with extra oil if necessary. To prevent the growth of bacteria, place the brined and drained chillies into a sterilised glass jar. Details for sterilising the jar are in the recipe below. This recipe for Preserved Chillies in Oil will enable you to enjoy their spiciness all year. It is an easily prepared condiment which is a great addition to many dishes. Enjoy these delicious Preserved Chillies in Oil. I would love to know what you think in the comments below!

Alex xx.

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My Roasted Mediterranean Olives are an easily prepared, tasty appetiser which is an ideal accompaniment…. The delicious combination…. I am certain that you will love these gluten-free Jam Shortbread Cookies. Their elegant appearance…. I'm Alex — a passionate foodie and writer. I love sharing delicious and simple recipes to inspire you in the kitchen. Try a recipe?

I'd love to see your creations! I made three jars of this today. Very excited. One question.

Want more info about preserving chili peppers?

How long do you let them sit in the oil before they are ready to eat? Hello, I have a quick question, I tried making these and it was super easy, but after the first time trying them the oil liquid went an opaque shade and is quite thick. Is this normal? Hi Eilidh, It sounds like the oil has solidified from a cold temperature — ie the fridge.

This is normal if the oil gets cold.

Enjoy chili pepper heat all year.

Hi Alexandra, Thank you very much for answering me back. Your recipe is the best and not complicated from those I read on other websites. Now I understand very well why you put them in brine for 24h which lower the PH. God Bless you and your children, Thanks.

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Thank you for the lovely comments Daniel, I do appreciate them. Organic chillies and oil sound just perfect. The reason you put chillies in brine for 24h is to avoid botulism. Hi Daniel, Thanks — I hope you enjoy it! Yes, the salt and vinegar act as a preservative and the acidity is designed to prevent botulism.

Let me know if you give them a try! Alexandra and Deb, I used Canola oil instead of olive oil, and it turned out great! Hi Deb!

Enjoy — Alex. I made this with g of Cherry Bomb peppers. I used my food processor to slice peppers. Thank you very much for sharing the recipe! Thank you. We have this in our country.

Preserving Chilli: Four Ways To Preserve Peppers

Thanks for sharing your recipe with nutrition facts. Wow, this recipe will be very useful. I used to by chillies every now and then in small amount, cuz it just dries as days pass. Preserving it willsave me more time and effort. I like to always have some of these on hand, there are so many ways to enjoy them. Preserved chillies in oil look delicious! They are an ideal way to enhance the flavor of a dish.

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Great recipe! Thanks for the recipe! Cooking with chilies in oil is a favorite of mine.

How to Make a Chili Pepper Ristra

These are a favourite of mine, I like to always have some on hand. I hope that you enjoy them. What a grand idea! I love spicy foods or adding spice to my food! This is a great idea, thanks for sharing! I super love oil infused with Chillies. So good. Thank you so much for the recipe, this is great.