Non ci resta che ridere (Voci) (Italian Edition)

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Enter Sciarrone. Is Tosca in the palace? It is late. The sound of an orchestra is heard from the lower floor, where Maria Carolina, the Queen of Naples, is giving a party in honour of Melas. The Diva's still missing from the concert. And they strum gavottes. Un'ampia finestra verso il cortile del palazzo. Interrompe a tratti la cena per riflettere. Certo a quest'ora i miei segugi le due prede azzannano! Suona un campanello. Entra Sciarrone. Alla cantata ancor manca la Diva. E strimpellan gavotte. Or better Exit Sciarrone.

Scarpia resumes his seat at the table. She will come for love of her Mario! And for love of her Mario she will yield to my pleasure. Such is the profound misery of profound love For myself the violent conquest has stronger relish than the soft surrender. I take no delight in sighs or vows exchanged at misty lunar dawn. I know not how to draw harmony from guitars, or horoscopes from flowers, nor am I apt at dalliance, or cooing like the turtle dove. I crave, I pursue the craved thing, sate myself and cast it by, and seek new bait.

God made diverse beauties as he made diverse wines, and of these God-like works I mean to taste my full. He drinks. In good time, too. Enter Spoletta. Scarpia questions him without looking up from his supper. Well, my fine man, how did the hunt go? Tu attenderai la Tosca in sull'entrata. Le dirai ch'io l'aspetto finita la cantata O meglio Si alza e va a scrivere un biglietto.

Le darai questo biglietto. Sciarrone esce. Scarpia siede ancora a tavola. Io di sospiri e di lattiginose albe lunari poco mi appago. La cosa bramata perseguo, me ne sazio e via la getto. Volto a nuova esca. Sciarrone entra. In buon punto.

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Spoletta entra. Scarpia lo interroga senza alzare gli occhi dalla sua cena.

Annali d'Italianistica

She entered there and soon came out alone. At once with my dogs I vaulted over the garden wall and burst into the house. I scratch Snout of a snake. To the gallows! Ne usci sola ben presto. Allor scavalco lesto il muro del giardin coi miei cagnotti e piombo in casa Ah traditore! Ceffo di basilisco, alle forche! He showed such taunting irony in every word and gesture that I arrested him.

Scarpia paces up and down, pondering. He stops abruptly as he hears, through the open window, the choral cantata being sung in the Queen s apartment. Exit Spoletta. To Sciarrone Fetch Roberti and the judge. Scarpia sits down again. Spoletta and four bailiffs bring in Mario Cavaradossi; then enter Roberti the executioner, the judge with a scribe, and Sciarrone. C'era il pittore Scarpia passeggia, meditando; a un tratto si arresta; dall'aperta finestra odesi la cantata eseguita dai cori nella sala della Regina.

Spoletta esce. Scarpia siede di nuovo. Spoletta e quattro sbirri introducono Mario Cavaradossi; poi Roberti, esecutore di giustizia, il Giudice del Fisco con uno scrivano e Sciarrone entrano. Are you aware that a prisoner Tosca's voice is heard in the cantata. Odesi la voce di Tosca che prende parte alla cantata.

What proof have you? Who's my accuser? In vain your spies ransacked my villa. This is a place for tears! Enough now. Answer me!

Alessandro Paci Barzelletta Non Ci Resta Che Ridere Trailer

He rises and angrily shuts the window to be undisturbed by the singing from the floor below, then turns imperiously to Cavaradossi. Le prove? Chi m'accusa?

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I vostri sbirri invan frugar la villa. E rido ancor! Or basta! Si alza e chiude stizzito la finestra per non essere disturbato dai canti che hanno luogo al piano sottostante; poi si volge imperioso a Cavaradossi: Where is Angelotti? And that he's hidden there? I deny it! This stubbornness of yours is not prudent. A prompt confession saves enormous pain.

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Take my advice and tell me: where is Angelotti? For the last time, where is he? Enter Tosca breathless. Or you will kill me! Tosca indicates she understands. And then Sciarrone opens the door to the torture chamber. The judge goes in and the others follow.

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Spoletta stations himself at the door at the back of the room. Tosca and Scarpia are now alone together. Tosca entra affannosa. Tosca accenna che ha capito. Il Giudice vi entra e gli altri lo seguono. Spoletta si ritira presso alla porta in fondo alla sala. Tosca e Scarpia rimangono soli.

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Come now, don't look so frightened. He still adopts a gallant air. Are you quite sure?