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And there was something very sad and frightened in her eyes.

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Becka unbolted the door and opened it. It stuck slightly, and she had to give it an extra yank. But even then she only opened it a crack. It is most urgent. The woman hardly looked like a robber or a mugger. If worse came to worst, Becka could always scream and bring Scotty running downstairs. It was against her better judgment, but —. Becka opened the door. The woman nodded a grateful thankyou and stepped into the entry hall.

Miracles at Mills Landing Series by Mary Manners

Becka looked down. Muttly had his hackles up and was doing his best imitation of being ferocious. The puppy growled again until Becka reached down and gave him a little thwack on the nose. He looked up at her and whined feebly.

Normally she would have invited the stranger to have a seat, but at in the morning the woman had a little more explaining to do. It fell past her shoulders, long and beautiful. She extended her hand. We have not met officially, but we have many friends in common.

What would you like to read?

I am the owner of the Ascension Bookshop. Becka sucked in her breath.

The Ascension Lady! The woman who owned the New Age bookstore, who made the charms for her friends. Becka swallowed hard. The woman watched her carefully. Becka thought. Some pranks! The woman continued. They have been calling upon me, begging for my assistance, but I have neither the strength nor the power.

The Mill on the Floss/Book 4/Chapter 3

The woman spoke calmly and evenly. Becka closed her eyes a moment. It desperately wants to be free, to reach its resting place, but it cannot do so on its own. It needs your help. It is the spirit of a human, a victim of a tragic murder, that is trapped there by negative energy. It desperately wants to be free.

Becka shook her head. How am I supposed to be able to help? This Friday, April twenty-one, is when the spirit can make its escape. Although he was only a ninth grader, his height and position above them gave him a commanding presence. He continued down the stairs toward the woman, and there was no missing his anger.

Priscilla backed half a step toward the door. I am here to help. He walked directly, purposefully, toward her.

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He turned toward Becka. The woman pulled the door open and backed outside. I was expecting more Christian love, but I can certainly understand.

Becka stood in the silence, staring at her little brother. She was both shocked and a bit in awe. Then, for the first time, she noticed he was trembling. He turned to her. An hour later Scott lay in his bed, staring at the ceiling.

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No way would he be able to get back to sleep. Not after tonight. He was too steamed. How dare the Ascension Lady show up at their door. How dare she ask for a favor. After all her people had done to them? No way! Normally Scott was pretty much a happy-go-lucky guy. And if things ever got too tense, there were always his wisecracks. But there were no jokes tonight.

And for good reason. He turned on his side, his thoughts still broiling. They had moved to this town three months ago, after Dad had died. And for three months, he and Mom and Becka had been constantly hassled by the Society and all their hocus-pocus. Why did those creeps have to keep bothering them? Why were they always the ones put on the defensive?

Still, there had to be some way to stop these guys from their constant harassment. Better yet, there had to be some way to get even. Scott ignored the voice. Enough was enough, and he and Becka had had enough. Again the thought of evening the score tugged at him. He toyed with contacting Z, his mysterious friend in the computer chat room. Maybe Z would know of some weakness in the Society that Scotty could use against them. Yeah, right. Well, prisoners or not, Scott was going to find a way to protect his sister. Becka turned from the front seat of the car to her friends. So here they were, driving up a steep hill and slowly approaching the Hawthorne mansion.

Becka looked out her window. For a haunted house, it was a little disappointing. Granted, the place was two-and-a-half stories high and had pitched roofs sloping every which direction, but instead of looking like a home for the Addams Family, it looked more like it belonged to the Brady Bunch. As if reading her thoughts, Julie explained.

Philip answered. They get offers all the time, but they always fall through. Ryan, on the other hand, was silent and noncommittal. Ryan brought his white vintage Mustang to a stop directly across the street from the mansion. Everyone piled out except Krissi. The others joined in until Krissi finally gave in.

As they crossed the street, Ryan fell in beside Becka.