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Perfect for planning meals ahead of time, these freezer-safe containers let you pack multiple meals to tuck away for future use.

Pete the Cat: Pete's Big Lunch - Cartoon Book Review

This includes 20 containers plus lids. The containers hold 36 ounces each.

Not just for lunches, you can pack dinners for times when you want a quick meal when you get home or use them to send meals to friends who need a helping hand. These have three compartments to keep foods separate, and snug airtight lids for freezing or transportation. Cleaning is simple, since these are dishwasher safe.

This has three tiers to hold a variety of foods, and the design is perfect for larger appetites or for sharing.

Black + Blum stainless steel lunch box, £31.95

It has a bottom compartment that fits condiment trays or cups, a top compartment and an integrated tray for snacks, condiments, or utensils, along with the lid. The integrated locking clips are adjustable for the snuggest fit. This set of three bento containers lets you prepare lunches for the family, or plan several days ahead. The leakproof snap-locking lids keep foods fresh and spillproof. To help customize your lunches, this has one large and two small removable compartments, so you can use or remove containers so your food fits perfectly.

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Because of the airtight and leakproof silicone sealed lid, you can even put liquids in the containers with no worries about spilling. A textured edge on the bottom helps prevent sliding and makes these easer to grip. Made from food-safe plastic, this bento box is designed with the original tradition in mind, so if your lunch is likely to include sushi or a lot of bits and pieces, this is the box for you. This includes a band to secure the containers and a lunch bag to carry them.

21 Great Bento Box Kids Lunch Ideas

The top container holds ml about 9. This cannot be used in the microwave. It should be hand washed. This has two separate containers that hold The included insulated bag has a waterproof coated fabric and has a zipper for easy access. A handle makes it easy to carry. To keep foods cold for longer, there is room in the bag for ice packs not included.

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Overall capacity Bento boxes come in a variety of sizes to suit a variety of appetites. A smaller box might be easier for children to carry, or useful for adults who are bringing snacks to work.

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Larger boxes work better for folks who like salads and other fluffy foods. Sturdiness Some bento boxes are meant for long-term use and are built to withstand bumps, drops, and being shoved into backpacks and briefcases. When the British established themselves in India in the late 18th century, it soon became clear that adaptation was needed. For a start, the rituals of eating were going to have to change to accommodate the hot, languid days and nights.

In the heat of the day lunch became a much lighter meal — but what to call it? Somehow, the word that seemed to stick was "tiffin", taken from the slang words "tiff", a tot of diluted liquor, and "tiffing", to take a sip of this liquor perhaps a hint that a sahib's lunch might quite often be of the liquid variety! Tiffin took off and "a spot of tiffin" soon became a peg on which almost any culinary indulgence between breakfast and dinner could be hung.

From these origins in British India tiffin has evolved to create a fascinating world of its own, a world that involves a whole range of dishes and equipment and above all of suppliers, from the tiffin wallahs of Bombay to the sellers of spiced tea and savoury snacks who cater for busy punters on the run.

Today tiffin might mean a packed lunchbox or afternoon tea, a savoury snack or a sweet treat. As long as it is munched between breakfast and dinner, it is simply tiffin.

Knights of the Lunch Table

The word tiffin is also used as a name for a lunchbox. Tiffins or dhabbas come in all shapes and sizes, but traditionally they are round, with three or four stacking stainless steel compartments firmly sealed with a tight-fitting lid and a side clip to avoid any nasty spillages and a handle for carrying on top.

In India food cooked at home with care and love is considered to deliver not only healthy and relatively cheap food but also divine contentment. Lunch is usually eaten thali-style, with a tantalising selection of regional delicacies that may include any combination of spicy vegetables, dhal, rice, yoghurt, pickles, bread and pudding served on a big steel plate or a banana leaf.

The separate compartments in the tiffin lunchbox accommodate thali lunches perfectly.

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  5. Tiffin culture is now to be found all over India. Everyone — from women in brightly coloured saris working in the fields to giggling families on long train journeys — carries a tiffin to provide a compact, portable, homemade lunch. Every weekday without fail something rather extraordinary is to be seen around midday on the chaotic streets of Bombay or Mumbai.

    This is the sight of hundreds of stainless steel tiered tiffin boxes or dhabbas piled high on handcarts and bicycles being pushed through the streets by dhoti-wearing, white-capped tiffin wallahs.