J.K. Rowlings Harry Potter - Mythen in der Namensgebung (German Edition)

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Has Harry Potter really shaped millennial beliefs?

Ich liebe Harry Potter, aber ich halte JK Rowling nicht mehr aus...

Or does the series, with its messages of equality and love triumphing over fear, resonate with young, left-leaning people because they feel instinctively more optimistic about these issues? The right has always seen the left as naive and lacking nuance — no spectacled boy wizard will ever change that. Harry Potter fans are not, in my experience, united in their opinions about the ethics of the series. And the world of Harry Potter is full of morally complicated characters. Readers will never come to a consensus on whether Snape, Slughorn, Malfoy and even Dumbledore are wholly good or bad people.

J.K. Rowlings 'Harry Potter' - Mythen in Der Namensgebung

Yet there is one particular area in which we can see that Harry Potter did change a generation: its reading habits. Here, in a scene from the movie, the character Neville Longbottom takes flight. Rowling has observed. Knowing that a literary character who comes across as perfect is not believable, Rowling took care to give Harry Potter flaws to go with his strengths. Harry can be self-absorbed and insensitive to others.


He also has a tendency to judge things by their appearance. And on other occasions, he has found very nice surprises.

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And so I wrote him, because he was the character who came to me. Despite her misgivings, Rowling decided not to change her book. And Hermione was with me at this point, and I feel that Hermione is an absolutely indispensable part of the team.

I wanted to go with my initial inspiration. As elements of the story took shape, Rowling remained convinced that the concept was strong. Despite her own excitement, Rowling worried that others might not think the idea was that good. As she headed home to Tutshill for Christmas, Rowling decided that she would not yet tell anyone in her family about Harry Potter. It was a decision she would later regret. Although she had yet to find a job to her liking, her secret career as a writer was in high gear as she pursued what she believed to be the idea of a lifetime.

Her relationship with her longtime boyfriend was solid, and her small family remained close and loving. In a few short months, however, much would change. Rowling would experience losses unlike any she had known before, and these changes would send her life in a new direction. On Christmas Eve, Rowling said good-bye to her parents and left to spend the remainder of the holidays with her boyfriend. Her fears were justified: Her father was calling to inform her that her mother had died. For one thing, Rowling was still a young woman——only twenty-five——when her mother died.

She did not have a husband or children of her own to help cushion the blow. With only a twenty-year age difference between Rowling and her mother, the two had been especially close. I could talk to her a lot more freely than some of my friends spoke to their mothers.

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She felt guilty about not staying with her during her final days and about not saying a proper good-bye. That stirs up such guilt. The world of Harry Potter did not turn out to be a refuge from her pain but a place for her to experience it in a different way. Rowling death into her writing. She revealed that as an infant, Harry survived his encounter with Voldemort through the selfless love of his mother. In this fragile condition, Rowling felt overwhelmed. When her job at the Chamber of Commerce suddenly ended, she took a job at the University of Manchester, but was very unhappy with her new position.

Her relationship with her boyfriend also was deteriorating. In a final crushing blow, burglars broke into her home and took her most prized possessions. She came across an advertisement seeking qualified English teachers for a school located in Oporto, Portugal. Remembering the pleasant year she had spent teaching English in Paris, Rowling applied for the position. The man who had placed the advertisement, Steve Cassidy, the principal of the Encounter English Schools in Oporto, agreed to meet with Rowling at a hotel near the railway station Loss and Love 37 in Leeds. She was a bit shy and I remember she looked a bit sad at the station.

I think her mother had recently died. She packed a few things——including her notes on Harry Potter—— and flew to Oporto in November Cassidy met Rowling at the airport and drove her to her new home, a four-bedroom apartment that she would share with two other new teachers, Aine Kiely and Jill Prewett. The second largest city in the country, Oporto has more than , inhabitants in the city alone, 1 million in the metropolitan area, and 1. Situated on the northern bank of the Douro River where it flows into the Atlantic Ocean, Oporto has served as an important port since the Roman Empire.

The city is perhaps best known for its connection to port wine, which was named after the town. This sweet, fortified red wine is aged and bottled in Oporto. Port is known around the world as a wine of remarkable character. The city of Oporto overlooks the Douro River. Passion in Oporto On one of these outings in March , the three friends ventured out to the Ribeiro, or riverside, section of the city, a beautiful area overlooking the Douro River. Rowling, Kiely, and Prewett entered a club called Meia Cava and made their way to a downstairs lounge that featured jazz music.

The arrival of the three young women caught the eye of a Portuguese journalism student named Jorge Arantes.

He was particularly struck by While in Oporto, Rowling struck up an acquaintance with the man who would later become her husband. Fluent in English, Arantes approached the three foreigners and began to speak with Rowling. When he called, Rowling agreed to go on a date.

Soon, they had fallen in love and were seeing each other several times a week. After a few weeks, Rowling and Arantes decided to live together. Rodrigues welcomed Rowling into her home. She had this hysterical laugh which was a bit weird. You could see there was something missing. I think Joanne was desperate for love. She shared the beginnings of her story with Arantes, who claims to have recognized it as a masterpiece. Rowling Daily Express. I am in love with a great, great writer. Jorge Arantes asked Joanne Rowling to marry him, taking himself by surprise almost as much as her.

Di Rowling and her boyfriend flew in from Edinburgh, Scotland, to witness the ceremony. Within a few weeks of the wedding, Rowling found out that she was pregnant. Throughout the pregnancy, Rowling continued to teach. Although she lost weight during the pregnancy, Rowling gave birth to a healthy baby girl on July 27, Rowling says that she named her daughter after Jessica Mitford. Arantes disagrees. He says that they chose the name Jessica Isabel after the biblical figure Jezebel. From the beginning, Rowling and Arantes bickered often and sometimes publicly.

Rowling crossed the street, entered the school, and locked herself in a classroom.

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Before the argument ended, a small crowd had gathered outside the school and the police had been summoned. In fact, the stress of coping with a newborn Loss and Love 41 baby made matters worse. Arantes later said that the argument started when Rowling told him that she no longer loved him. Hurt and angry, Arantes forced Rowling out of their home. He then returned to the house and locked Rowling out. Alone in the street, Rowling knew her marriage was over. Rowling returned to the flat she had once shared with Jill Prewett and Aine Kiely and told her friends what had happened.

Although the officer was not authorized to do anything, his presence helped persuade Arantes to give up the baby. Reunited with Jessica, Rowling decided to leave the country. She informed Steve Cassidy of her decision, and within two weeks she boarded a plane bound for England.

Aguiar believes that the diverse backgrounds of Rowling and Arantes doomed the relationship. After her plane touched down in London, Rowling ventured to the baggage area to collect the suitcases that contained almost everything she owned. Two years had passed since she had fled from Britain at one of the lowest points of her life. When she returned, things were even worse. She had no job, nowhere to live, and very little money. In her arms, she held a four-month-old baby that was dependent on her for everything.

Inside, Rowling felt angry——not at her estranged husband but at herself. Still, Rowling had no regrets.