Il segno dei quattro (Italian Edition)

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Contributor s : Title : Le Lettere di indulgenza per la Scuola delle Quattro Marie di Milano [the Scuola delle Quattro Marie, a Milanese confraternity, is little documented before the 14th century; at that period an altar of the Four Marys can be identified in the old cathedral which honored the Virgin, her supposed sisters, and the Magdalene; but no chapel of that name existed there or in the new cathedral in the Middle Ages; the surviving indulgences document the transformation of a group of "raccomandati della Vergine Maria" into a formal "scuola" or meeting at the cathedral; this development coincided with the stabilization of the Visconti regime; the article concludes with critical editions of the four indulgence letters].

This extended to wedding with their diplomatic overtones. Ceremonies in both Naples and Milan were marked by conspicuous display. Scholars and artists, including Leonardo da Vinci, were enlisted to ornament these nuptials.

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Record Number: Author s : Taglietti, Nadia Contributor s : Title : Dicte priora et sorores non sint moniales nec earum domus monasterium appellatur. Pedofilia nella Milano Quattrocentesca [evidence for pedophilia in the Middle Ages is scarce before the fifteenth century; the evidence from Milan is scattered but the surviving material includes complaints about violent assaults on children, some done by clerics; in an appendix the author presents the Latin text of documents from a notary in dealing with apparent cases of pedophilia].

Record Number: Author s : Mariani, Roberta. Contributor s : Title : Monasteri benedettini femminili a Milano prima della riforma [Reform of women's monasteries in Milan, especially when the nuns resisted, required support from ecclesiastical and lay authorities. These authorities occasionally failed to act in concert.

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Strict enclosure, one of the hardest reforms to impose, served to ameliorate one problem, nuns acting out the hostilities among their kindred. Even nuns desirous of living strict lives had difficulties finding acceptable confessors and visitors to meet their spiritual needs].

Record Number: Author s : Sebastiani, Lucia. Contributor s : Title : Da bizzocche a monache [Many penitent women, individual or in community, can be traced in northern Italy during the later Middle Ages. Some communities of these bizzoche were authorized by the local bishop rather than by the papacy. Most of these houses were pressured into adopting an existing monastic rule, claustration, and distinctive garb].

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Record Number: Author s : Occhipinti, Elisa. Domus Domus. Gabriella Crespi: il segno e lo spirito Artista, designer, scultrice, ma anche musa ispiratrice per fashion designer internazionali e ambasciatrice dell'italian style nel mondo.

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Per la maggior parte opere d'arte uniche: dai mobili agli oggetti, dall'illuminotecnica alle sculture, sino ai gioielli. Tutto rigorosamente firmato e numerato, con innumerevoli brevetti depositati in Italia e all'estero, e gelosamente custodito tuttora nelle case di appassionati collezionisti di tutto il mondo, che in occasione di questa mostra hanno deciso di mostrarli al pubblico. Sfere, plexiglass, ottone, Lune Incrociate, piperino marino,