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The method and the results presented here will have far-reaching implications for the development of enhanced recommendations concerning farm-based soil management practices for increasing soil productivity and reducing nitrogen losses, which is essential to minimising environmental impacts. This book describes the rapidly expanding field of two-dimensional 2D transition metal carbides and nitrides MXenes. It covers fundamental knowledge on synthesis, structure, and properties of these new materials, and a description of their processing, scale-up and emerging applications. The ways in which the quickly expanding family of MXenes can outperform other novel nanomaterials in a variety of applications, spanning from energy storage and conversion to electronics; from water science to transportation; and in defense and medical applications, are discussed in detail.

A biostatistics toolbox for data analysis. A course in Rasch measurement theory measuring in the educational, social and health sciences. A critical history and philosophy of psychology diversity of context, thought, and practice. This essentially self-contained, deliberately compact, and user-friendly textbook is designed for a first, one-semester course in statistical signal analysis for a broad audience of students in engineering and the physical sciences.

The emphasis throughout is on fundamental concepts and relationships in the statistical theory of stationary random signals, explained in a concise, yet fairly rigorous presentation. The work is also an excellent resource of educational and training material for scientists and engineers working in research laboratories. This third edition contains two additional chapters that present wavelets and the uncertainty principle, and the forecasting problems for stationary time series.

These two topics are essential for students to attain a deeper understanding of statistical analysis of random signals. Reviews from previous editions: A First Course in Statistics for Signal Analysis is a small, dense, and inexpensive book that covers exactly what the title says: statistics for signal analysis. The book has much to recommend it.

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The author clearly understands the topics presented. The topics are covered in a rigorous manner, but not so rigorous as to be ostentatious. JASA Review of the First Edition This is a nicely written self-contained book and it is a good candidate for adoption as a textbook for upper-level undergraduate and even for a graduate course for engineering and physical sciences students. I have no hesitation in recommending it as a textbook for the targeted course and audience.

Technometrics, Vol. A great deal of ruin financial crises since A Great Deal of Ruin provides an accessible introduction to the enduring problem of financial crises. Illustrated with historical analysis, case studies, and clear economic concepts, this book explains in three parts what financial crises are, how they are caused and what we can learn from them.

It begins with a taxonomy of crises and a list of factors that increase the risk for countries experiencing a financial crisis. It then examines five of the most important crises in modern economic history, beginning with the Great Depression and ending with the subprime crisis in the United States and its evolution into a debt crisis in the Eurozone. The book concludes with a set of lessons that can be learnt from the crises of the past.

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  • It will appeal to university students as well as general readers who are curious to learn more about the recent subprime crisis and other financial crises. A guide to teaching information literacy practical tips. The role of the librarian increasingly involves delivering information literacy using a range of teaching methods, from delivering induction sessions to informal one-to-one support on a day-to-day basis.

    Although this is increasingly recognized, many practitioners do not have teaching qualifications and are often left to fulfil a role for which they feel ill-equipped. Even when they do have teaching qualifications, these are often gained from mainstream courses that do not always adequately address the delivery of information literacy. This book is a much-needed sourcebook to support library staff in the delivery of information literacy teaching, by providing practical guidance on tried and tested ideas and techniques for sessions.

    Full of hints and tips grounded in learning theory, it is a practical reference tool designed to be dipped into as needed when planning teaching and training. Where applicable the activities are mapped to models of information literacy, with guidance on adapting ideas for different levels and contexts. This easy-to-use book is an invaluable source of inspiration for any librarian involved in teaching information literacy, whether they are new to teaching or experienced but in search of fresh ideas.

    A guide to the IBA rules on the taking of evidence in international arbitration. A mechanistic approach to plankton ecology. A Muslim view of Christianity essays on dialogue. A quantitative tour of the social sciences. Social scientists become experts in their own disciplines but aren't always familiar with what is going on in neighboring fields. To foster a deeper understanding of the interconnection of the social sciences, economists should know where historical data come from, sociologists should know how to think like economists, political scientists would benefit from understanding how models are tested in psychology, historians should learn how political processes are studied, psychologists should understand sociological theories, and so forth.

    This overview by prominent social scientists gives an accessible, non-technical sense of how quantitative research is done in different areas. Readers will find out about models and ways of thinking in economics, history, sociology, political science, and psychology, which in turn they can bring back to their own work. A student's writing guide how to plan and write successful essays. Ada's legacy cultures of computing from the Victorian to the digital age. Some of the 24 submissions were merged and resulted in the 21 papers that are presented in this book.

    The papers explore methods for predicting fluid intelligence from T1-weighed MRI of children age years recruited by the Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development Study ABCD study; the largest long-term study of brain development and child health in the United States to date.

    This book presents advances in computational methods, experimental synthesis, and advanced characterizations for novel catalytic materials. All contributors, describe in detail novel experimental and theoretical techniques techniques and concepts for synthesis, evaluation and scaling catalytic materials and research advances in evaluation, extensive characterization and theoretical modeling using computer assisted methods and algorithms.

    Describes computational methods, experimental synthesis and advanced characterization for novel catalytic materials; Examines catalytic materials and corresponding engineering applications with a focus on low contaminant fuel production and derivatives; Covers the application of computer assisted quantum mechanical for fundamental understanding of electronic structure of molecular dimension catalytic materials.

    Advanced Mathematical Methods in Biosciences and Applications. Featuring contributions from experts in mathematical biology and biomedical research, this edited volume covers a diverse set of topics on mathematical methods and applications in the biosciences. Special emphasis is placed on applications such as natural selection, population heterogeneity, polyvariant ontogeny in plants, cancer dynamics, and analytical solutions for traveling pulses and wave trains in neural models.

    A survey on quasiperiodic topology is also presented in this book. Carefully peer-reviewed, this volume is suitable for students interested in interdisciplinary research. Researchers in applied mathematics and the biosciences will find this book an important resource on the latest developments in the field.

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    The papers cover the recent advances in computational methods for simulating various manufacturing processes like machining, laser welding, laser bending, strip rolling, surface characterization and measurement. Articles in this volume discuss both the development of new methods and the application and efficacy of existing computational methods in manufacturing sector. This volume will be of interest to researchers in both industry and academia working on computational methods in manufacturing. This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of five workshops symposia, held at the 38th International Conference on Conceptual Modeling, ER , in Salvador, Brazil, in November The 34 papers promote and disseminate research on theories of concepts underlying conceptual modeling, methods and tools for developing and communicating conceptual models, techniques for transforming conceptual models into effective implementations, and the impact of conceptual modeling techniques on databases, business strategies and information systems.

    The 59 full papers presented in this volume were carefully reviewed and selected from submissions. They cover topics such as: machine learning; optimization and planning; fuzzy systems, reasoning and intelligent applications; and vision and robotics. The papers presented in this double volume were carefully reviewed and selected from submissions.

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    • Africa writing Europe opposition, juxtaposition, entanglement. After integration Islam, conviviality and contentious politics in Europe. Agire per altri o agire per mezzo di altri appunti romanistici sulla rappresentanza : 1. Ipotesi di lavoro e stato della dottrina. Aktuelle Diskurse in der Sozialwirtschaft II. Der Fokus auf die naturwissenschaftlichen Grundlagen hilft Ihnen dabei, die Entwicklung und die Eigenschaften neuer Werkstoffe zu verstehen.

      Von bis war er an der Ingenieurschule Mittweida, bzw. This book begins a multi-volume set that finally brings al-K? As soon as it was studied by modern researchers, it changed some false assumptions about the history of certain topics in mathematics.


      Written as a textbook for students of mathematics, accounting, engineering, and architecture, Miftah covers a wide range of topics in arithmetic, geometry, and algebra. By sharing al-K? The book opens by briefly recounting al-K? His impressive status in the kingdom of Ulugh Beg is detailed, as well as his contributions to both mathematics and astronomy. As a master calculator and astronomer, al-K?

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      His law of cosines is still studied in schools today. The authenticity of this translation contributes to the understanding and appreciation of al-K? Researchers and students of the history of mathematics will find this volume indispensable in filling in a frequently overlooked time period and region. The 10 full papers presented together with 7 short papers were carefully selected from 31 submissions. The papers focus on algorithmic decision theory broadly defined, seeking to bring together researchers and practitioners coming from diverse areas of computer science, economics and operations research in order to improve the theory and practice of modern decision support.

      This book analyses the changes to the regulation of everyday life that have taken place as a result of datafication, the ever-growing analytical, predictive, and structuring role of algorithms, and the prominence of the platform economy. The author reveals the strength and pervasiveness of algorithmic politics through a comparison with the main traditional form of regulation: law.

      These changes are subsequently demonstrated to reflect a broader shift away from anthropocentric accounts of the world. In doing so, the book adopts a posthumanist framework which focuses on deep embeddedness and interactions between humans, the natural environment, technology, and code. Alles gut?! Allgemeine Staatslehre : Studienausgabe der Originalausgabe Allmen und der Koi Roman.