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Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Nov 06, Karen Shrock-jones rated it it was amazing.

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Best of the Series yet I adore this book. Such depth of character development. I don't yet see how to fits into the series yet, but I'm looking forward to the next two books to see. My favorite story so far. View all 5 comments. May 09, Sherri Razo rated it it was amazing. Enjoyable Story and Characters I enjoyed the depth of the chapters in this book the best in the series. I relate to Johanna on so many levels so her story resonated with me. The story line and setting was very different for the previous books in the series, but still enjoyable.

Mar 11, Tommie rated it it was amazing. Great read I. Have truly enjoyed this series of books. It has been hard to put them down once I started reading. I felt like I knew the characters in the book. The author was very realistic in her writing style, and made you free as if you knew the families involved.

Apr 03, Kay Chambers nusz schlabach rated it it was amazing.

The Laramie Series

Another lovely Life story. Again I started this book and did not lay it down I read it all. I wanted to stay with These characters for a long time. Jul 09, Charles E. Hester rated it it was amazing. Another successful one! Another resounding success in the Laramie series. Slow to start but tearful ending. I cannot wait to read book 5. Jul 29, Michelle rated it liked it. Good book You people should just read this book yourselves and write your own review on this novel yourself and I really enjoyed reading this book very much so. Feb 15, Nancy Knox rated it it was amazing.

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Lovely story This was such a lovely story to read. So many historic events but it was the friendship to love that highlighted the whole story.

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This was the first book in this series I read but I know I will order the others. I loved Karen's way of telling the story. Feb 11, LadyCalico rated it really liked it. I didn't think I was going to like this book, it started with a bang then seemed to settle into a whimper. The early stuff about Johanna's social causes were a ho-hum, but just when I was deciding that the author was going to waste a lot of my reading time getting on a soapbox The book becomes much more engrossing once you slog through the early wheel-spinning about the Crittenden Home, which doesn't take long.

The author establishes the setting and the characters and the story is I didn't think I was going to like this book, it started with a bang then seemed to settle into a whimper. The author establishes the setting and the characters and the story is then told through the lives of very well-developed and human characters rather than lectures on a soap box. We know by all the Longfellow snippets about death that begin the chapters that the story will contain tragedy as well as romance, but I did not think the tragic story was handled well.

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The death just didn't ring true, which struck me as the weakest part of the novel. Since I prefer stories of flawed characters over perfect people, in the process of learning and growing in their relationships, I was very pleased to see the author endow her heroine with insights that her holier than thou superiority attitude wasn't an indication of her perfection but a serious flaw in her character and attitude. I would not hesitate to try another book by this author. This story was a sequel to Where Home Is. This story is about Johanna who is a Titanic survivor which I found interesting and wish they had talked about more.

She is a women's rights activist and want women to have the right to vote.

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She has a very strong personality as does her grandmother which I enjoyed. Their relationship was great but also interesting because they both seem very harsh sometimes. Her job at the Anchorage was very interesting and I loved the progress she made there. I do wish they had tied up more at the end of This story is about Johanna who is a Titanic survivor which I found interesting and wish they had talked about more.

I do wish they had tied up more at the end of what became of those women. Drew Gallagher is a character you think is only going to care about himself and you begin to learn more about him throughout the book. Drew and Johanna's relationship was a strange one- making me believe they couldn't stand each other sometimes and liked each other other times. It took me some time to finish this book because some chapters went quickly and were very interesting while others were long and boring. The ending was a bit predictable however I wasn't expecting the storyline for Jennie that happened.

Overall a good read. Feb 11, caroljordan rated it it was amazing. Their scheme: to raid four U.

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Their weapon: an armored train tearing through the West like a fire-powered battle-ax on wheels. From Durango to Dodge City, across a rugged land stained with blood, gold, and treachery, Stone follows a violent trail of honor. All that stands between victory and death is a quick-draw reflex—and the kind of. Wes Stone was once a lawman. Then the Sandlin Gang shot down his father, known as The Gunfighter.

Swearing vengeance, he takes up his father? But little does he know that the odds are even more against him than he thinks? Two Confederate soldiers are offered a choice: face their sentences or infiltrate a gang of whiskey runners. And when they meet up with these bandits, they might just wish they'd chosen the firing squad. They are four hired guns who haul freight for a price into the treacherous, untamed wilderness.

Led by the poker-playing Faro Duval, these soldiers of fortune are about to take the biggest gamble of all: delivering an explosive cargo from Santa Fe to southwestern Utah. In a land of savage outlaws and hostile Utes, with a rattlesnake named Hal Durham in their midst, Duval and his men are running out of time and out of luck…. Waylaid by a pack of murdering outlaws, Daniel Strange's lifeless body is left dangling at the end of a rope.

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Now, a mysterious gunslinger is on the vengeance trail, packing Strange's trademark twin Colts, and answering to the same name. And he won't stop until every last man who killed Strange shares the same fate Arlo Wells and Dallas Holt are two ex-cowpunchers who've hit a patch of bad luck-until a dying friend tells them of a lost gold mine.

They jump at the chance to get the fortune. But Arlo and Dallas aren't the only ones who know about the mine-and their streak of bad luck is about to turn into a fight for survival The Goodnight Trail.

Ralph Compton.