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You might find the car fixed, but at a cost far exceeding what you expected to pay. You might return to find the car in pieces and a frustrated mechanic telling you he is doing his best but has not found the cause of the problem yet. You might just return to find the car fixed, the mechanic gives you a quick rundown, in non-technical language, of the analysis, the chosen solution ,and presents you with a very reasonable bill.

Which mechanic has met your expectations? Other similar familiar examples might include plumbers, hairdressers, tailors, or home-decorators. Although the work they do is not on the same scale as a major project, they can give clear insights on the sponsor's expectations of driving mindset and business attitude. In the six months that followed the publication of the original articles, the authors experimented with three complementary approaches:.

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With regard to the workshop, the people who learned the most were, as usual, its authors: in fact we developed a role-play based experience in which the participants, after having spent a considerable time criticizing a sponsor, were asked to see the world from the latter's perspective. What's interesting is that, having decided to reuse a case study we had previously developed to help project managers deal with uncooperative sponsors, we discovered that even in a situation where the story has been built with a strong bias favoring the project manager perspective, the sponsor's behavior could indeed be understandable when looked at from the other side.

No matter how negative a particular behavior by a sponsor can appear, it becomes understandable when we step into the shoes of one who has no alternative but to deal with an uncooperative project manager. The coaching approach, which has been tried on a broad range of participants, focused on helping each project manager to see the project and their role from the sponsor's perspective. This was done by a simulation in which the project manager had to literally play the part of the sponsor, while another participant played his or her role. These simulations were recorded on video and viewed using a very precise scale of feedback.

The first results seem very promising. Following the event, the sponsors acknowledge having observed an increased determination on the part of the project manager to lead the project and to criticize in a constructive way rather than complain about lack of support and input. The on-the-job experiences are of great interest since, unlike the previous two, they did not take place in a workshop environment away from the demands of the daily work.

However, the format used was similar to the one developed for the workshop: in preparation of important meetings with the sponsor, the coach used focused questions to help the project manager see the situation from the other party's perspective. Furthermore, when asked for feedback, the sponsors formally recognized an increased quality of the project deliverables and of the project manager's performance, which in one case also resulted in the project manager being promoted, although we cannot guarantee this outcome every time, much as we would like to.

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  • Think Like a Sponsor - Build a Driving Mindset.

From these preliminary results, it looks like developing the highly desired driving mindset, is not so difficult to achieve for the project manager, if the strategy chosen is that of focusing more on the relationship with the sponsor than on project management methodology and tools. Is this the usual plea for better communication?

In fact, we believe this is something more specific: We need to rediscover the ancient art of listening and applying empathy. What makes this difficult is the fact that both the sponsor and project manager are under heavy work pressure, pressure that is not likely to decrease in the coming years, but that the project manager can greatly alleviate by stepping into the sponsor's shoes. Garagna, L.

Building strong sponsor relationship. Project manager today, 16— The values most prized by sponsors are not taught. Project manager today, 13— Project Management Institute. Sandberg, J.


Understanding human competence at work: An interpretative approach. Academy of Management Journal, 43 1 , 9— Turner, R. Project success: Differences by type of project and the project manager's profile. Project manager today. By Wilkinson, Amy Modern transportation is a crowded arena. As cutting-edge technologies move from the realm of sci-fi to mainstream and stakeholders increasingly clamor for more sustainable alternatives, governments…. A proposed smart-city project in Toronto, Ontario, Canada has stalled out due to stakeholder privacy concerns.

Article Leadership , Stakeholder Engagement 1 August PM Network queried the project management community about dealing with micromanaging sponsors. By Parsi, Novid Governments are behind the curve when it comes to digital transformation. As the private sector takes dead aim at projects implementing artificial intelligence AI , blockchain and a wide range of…. Why can't an old rail line be an urban oasis? Across the United States, city governments have found that it's cheaper—and more engaging for residents—to rebuild infrastructure into public green….

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View advertising policy. Learning Library. Thinking like a sponsor how to build a driving mindset. Thinking like a sponsor: how to build a driving mindset. Abstract The paper is based on anecdotal research on how unmatched expectations influence the critical relationship between the project manager and the sponsor. Who's Who on the Project? Who Contributed the Results?

In fact, the following attributes expected of a project manager are ranked in decreasing order of importance tothe sponsor: Driving mindset, Business attitude, and Project management skills. Driving Mindset Think of a parallel of you buying a brand new home; you would like to engage an architect who will deliver, without any trouble, the house that will satisfy all needs and expectations. Project Management Skills When Pope Julius II commissioned Michelangelo to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, he was not very interested in what pigment would be used or if the plaster applied for the frescoes would go moldy.

Through the Looking Glass It is worth noting how consistently the sponsor tends to see the project manager more as a business player than a technical expert; an attitude linked to a view of the project as means of reaching the organization's goals.

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