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Two strangers met, fell in love fast, and have to decide after three years where their relationship is really going. Will they give up on love or continue to make it last? All of You is sure to make you fall in love over and over again. Longtime couple Basha Bea Alonzo and Popoy John Lloyd Cruz are practically inseparable, so when they split up, it's not surprising how heartbroken each feels.

But Basha, stifled by the A married couple is on the verge of annulment after the husband discovers his wife having an affair with his best friend. He then consults a lawyer who just broke up with her boyfriend. A story about a broken-hearted girl who meets a boy in a not so normal way. Together, they go to places and find out "where do broken hearts go? What if you met the woman you wanted to make your wife after you married someone else?

A Love Story

Ian Montes is a picture of success. Despite being a son of a shipping tycoon, Ian refused to just ride in his father's empire. He built his own real estate company and earned his first million at a very young age. He never looked back since then. Driven by his ambition to become better, if not as good as his father, Ian managed to make it on his own.

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But behind all the glory is a man yearning for love and recognition. Wounded from the abandonment of their mother when he was 17 and desperate for his father's approval, Ian longed for someone who can and will love him unconditionally. And he felt this twice when he met two women who would change his life forever - Joanna and Karyn. Joanna Villanueva is a picture of quiet confidence and success.

Healing from a heartbreak caused by an errant ex-husband, Joanna found love again when she rescued Ian from a water-skiing accident in La Union. Being a doctor, Written by Anonymous. August 22nd was the first and only time my wife and I could watch this movie because of her hectic work schedule at the local Cable TV company. We watched this movie at SM Megamall in Philippines.

Her officemates already watched this movie before her and I watched it, last night. Normally, I don't have tears during movies because I try to hide my emotions, but this movie had brought back memories for me, considering I've had many sour relationships, but I wasn't a playboy as what Aga Mulach played as Ian Montes. I'm a American Citizen and Filipino Mestiso my dad was natively born in Philippines and I finally got married to my wife in October In many of the scenes, such as when Ian Aga Mulach and Karyn Angelica Panganiban were arguing after Karyn was at a party with her friends, my wife kept nudging me.

Many of the things that Ian had said were, either the same or similar, to what I've said to my wife, but in very different circumstances, but mostly were at the start of my marriage and not currently. Ian said something similar to, "I need my wife I admit that. High technology was not in this movie, with the minor exception of mobile phones and text messaging.

I didn't see an internet connection, such as internet chat or e-mail being used or emphasized. Angelica Panganiban, acting as Karyn Torres, plays an immature part of the movie.

A Body and Its New Lungs: A Love Story

She claims to be 22 years old, and my wife both agree that she is too young to have any real relationships. Her job as a flight attendant signifies that she has not decided what her future is going to be. My wife describes her as "too wild. The plot was missing. It went from meeting for the first time, to sex in bed. And then, meeting in a public place.

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I wasn't sure what Maryo J. De los Reyes Director wanted in Angelica's character. Did she want a prostitute that falls in love, or a desperate woman that does not want to work?

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I couldn't figure that out. Maricel Soriano, acting as Joanna Villanueva, was missing through some very important parts of the movie. There was a lot of missing information about her marriage with Peter Mark Gil. I guess that was Vanessa Valdez's writer idea to add suspense in the movie.

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I kept asking my wife, questions, because there was too much information missing. Even my wife could not figure out the missing parts. For some reason, he keeps his identity a secret, even to IMDb. His Tagalog has unusual accents, maybe mixed with non-Filipino dialects. Most Filipinos don't notice that. His part in this movie should have been a lot more than just a few short scenes.

From my perspective, he looks like he was just "planted" to fill in the roll of Peter. He was talked during many parts of the movie, but his acting just wasn't there. His character shows that his cross is for show-only, not for any religious conviction. More info. This discount is an exclusive benefit for all current Season Ticket Holders. Only tickets purchased by authorised agencies should be considered valid and reliable.

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Prices correct at the time of publication and subject to change without notice. Exact prices will be displayed with seat selection. Concession, seniors and under 30 tickets Suitable and valid identification must be provided for collection of tickets and at the venue, such as your concession or proof of age card. Alternatively, you may email a copy of your identification to boxoffice sydneytheatre. We walked from the bar to a hour diner in the East Village and got grilled cheese sandwiches and French fries and drank bad room-temperature coffee and talked for hours, until a stranger came over and asked if we would like him to officiate our wedding, right there, in the church of Veselka, at this sticky table by the bathroom.

By then it was light outside. I said sure, why not, yes. Our waitress rolled her eyes but agreed to be the witness as we smeared an unofficial document with ketchup. I liked oysters just fine, but not that much. When I ate them raw, by the dozen, they were occasionally delicious — fat and intact and salty, slipping out of pristine shells.